Systemic constellations

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.“

– C.G Jung


FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS bring light and healing to areas of life where we feel stuck, confused, or separated. They reveal and clearly show the hidden dynamics in our family, relationships, or in our inner world (C.G. Jung). Through the ritual representation of conflict, its feeling and transformation, they can touch on a variety of topics from personal experiences to deep-seated social and collective experiences. By introducing the universally valid laws (orders) of love (see the article Hidden Laws of Relationships), we can look at relationships and family systems in a completely new, revolutionary way thanks to the constellation method. Thanks to them, we see the profound significance of giving or breaking a life, or not acknowledging the importance of some people in our lives. They teach us a delicate balance between giving and taking, adulthood and childhood. Family constellations through the support and healing of the individual can stop the destructive avalanche effect throughout the genus. The flow of love and support is renewed, a new force for life is coming. Family and partnership relationships, a person’s place in the world, coping with difficult life events, or the search for inner harmony – constellations have been bringing fundamental insights to these and other topics for several decades around the world. The various types of family constellations brought to the world by Bert Hellinger are used today in psychotherapy, as well as as a unique method of personal development and education in the field of relational dynamics. Are you ready to open up to healing, love and joy?

What are family or systemic constellations?

Family Constellations is a theraputic, transformative and integrative process that allows individuals to heal from personal challenges that originate in their past. Struggles, which may have previously felt like a personal failure, internal struggle, incompetence, or repeated “bad luck” are revealed in a larger context of family history, subconscious attitudes, or transfered debts and promises. FC shines a spotlight on the unconscious ways people carry and perpetuate the burdens of their family of origin. When these unconscious loyalties to the past are made conscious, the client is given a remarkable opportunity to break the cycle, heal, and create new ways of being that align more closely with their values.

What happens in a constellation session?

A Family Constellations session begins with a brief conversation between the client and the facilitator. During the conversation, the facilitator seeks to understand the client’s intention for the session, and then decides the elements within the family system, or internal organization of the clients psyche that are relevant for the specific issue.

In a group workshop, this means the client picks people from the group to stand and represent the different roles. What develops is a 3D representation of the client’s view of their family, place of work, or other system they are examining. Inevitably, new stories emerge that the client may not have realized were relevant to their intention for the session. The session typically culminates by finding the configuration that restores order, resources, love, strength and/or gratitude within the client.

When to seek constellation work?

  • when you repeatedly fall into disfunctional relationship, or are unable to establish one
  • you seek healing for personal or family events that occured in the past
  • you want to improve relationship with your parents, children, or siblings
  • you wish to better navigate between the feminine and masculine energies in relationship, or at work
  • you need to understand your addiction, psychosomatic health issues, or feel constantly tired and tense
  • you want to look at your hidden financial conditioning
  • you wish to decode your dreams or visions



We are carried by the flow of life and there´s no going backwards. It keeps bringing us where we don´t want to go, and takes us away from where we want to stay. Ignoring the flow brings slow exhaustion. Others try to follow and seek meaning and purpose of every ripple. But what is the meaning of beauty? Music? Love? They have tremendous significance, but no meaning.

Our lives are like pieces of music. You can forever ask – why these instruments? I didn´t choose them. Why doesn´t the bass play more, the piano less? It should go faster now, now it should be more quiet. I don´t like this part to be there at all; and so on.

But with this attitude, how can we ever hear the music? Feel a new motive coming, enjoy the climax, anticipate the tail-piece?

Unless our given is accepted, the past integrated and healed, our subconscious will be our greatest enemy. Once we see our past trajectory, the flow can carry us and become our most precious teacher and friend.


Eva A. Fridman has been passionately exploring various fields of constellation work since 2008 and has facilitated family, financial, dream, life integration, inner work and trauma constellations since 2013. Besides facilitating groups and working with individual clients, she uses constellation work to address contemporary social and global issues and explore possibilities of human (r)evolution.

Eva is also a certified craniosacral and psychic massage therapist, facilitator of Diamond Breathwork and tireless inner researcher. She holds MA. in Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness from California Institute of Integral Studies.